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Marrakech of Morocco, Africa, is one of the most prestigious and emblematic capitals of the old Moroccan empire. The city of a thousand and one nights, it's a mythical and mystical place, full of charm and intrigue.

The ambience of Marrakesh, Morocco, will overwhelm you; the exotic smells, the frantic colours, the sounds of pulsating music; this city could be described as the 'essence' of charm. It's constantly changing. Like most other cosmopolitan cities, Marrakech town is a true urban chameleon.

Marrakesh dates back to the 10th Century. Back then, all that was there was the Medina. Over the centuries, it was transformed into an imperial city; a place of residence envied by all. It became known as the 'Pearl of the south'.

The city was first named Marrakesh, which means 'go with speed'. Nowadays, people mostly come here to chill and relax. Between the soucs, the shaded streets are lined with musicians, writers, snake charmers, voyeurs, salespeople and travelling acrobats who perform in the exotic Plaza Jemaa el Fna square.

Added to the list of 'Patrimoine Mondial' by UNESCO, This unique city is a must-see for any visitor. We offer a wide range of accommodation, from beautiful hotels and Riads to private apartments and houses in various environments. You'll have the opportunity to get to know and appreciate the richness and culture of this fascinating city by being situated in the heart of it all.

After Marrakesh, you can visit the more remote, charming and incredibly beautiful High Atlas Mountains and check out the picturesque villages of Tameslouht, Amizmiz, or Asni. There are also ski resorts here in Ouikameden and the Valley of Ourika.


  • Reference:mrma07

    Marrakesh apartment located close to the Souuks of the Medina, in a prvate residential development next to the...

    Desde 64 €

    64 €

    Reference: mrma07
  • Reference:mrma08

    This cosy rural riad in Marrakech is located a short drive from the Medina, and the lively Plaza Djemma el Fna,...

    Desde 190 €

    190 €

    Reference: mrma08
  • Reference:lema02

    Apartment in Marrakech, situated in a tranquil part of the city within the Saada urbanisation.The accommodation...

    Desde 49 €

    49 €

    Reference: lema02
  • Reference:coma18

    Marrakesh Riad located in the neighbourhood of Dar El Bacha, near the palace of the Grand Vizir Madani El Glaoui,...

    Desde 99 €

    99 €

    Reference: coma18
  • Reference:brma05

    Desde 790 €

    790 €

    Reference: brma05
  • Reference:cima03

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    Reference: cima03
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  • Reference:moma29

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  • Reference:sama17

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  • Reference:brma07

    Desde 790 €

    790 €

    Reference: brma07
  • Reference:brma06

    Desde 790 €

    790 €

    Reference: brma06
  • Reference:chma08

    This Riad in Marrakech, Morocco is located in the medina and has been renovated with great taste. It is in the...

    Desde 93 €

    93 €

    Reference: chma08
  • Reference:zahir

    Riad Zahir is found in the heart of the Medina of Marrakech, only a few minutes away from the Jemàa El Fna plaza.Inspired...

    Desde 40 €

    40 €

    Reference: zahir
  • Reference:roma13

    This Riad in Marrakesh is in the Bad Doukkada neighbourhood of the city, just a few minutes walk from the cafes...

    Desde 29 €

    29 €

    Reference: roma13
  • Reference:mmma01

    This truely exceptional hotel accommodation is situated close to the famed Medina of Marrakech, with views of distant...

    Desde 251 €

    251 €

    Reference: mmma01
  • Reference:elma13

    Riad Hotel Villa des 3 Golfs is a very charming and cosy hotel in the Palmeraie area, an excellent choice for your...

    Desde 110 €

    110 €

    Reference: elma13
  • Reference:dar-loula

    Riad Dar Loula is situated in the Medina of Marrakech. This riad has 6 fantastic rooms, all decorated with Moroccan...

    Desde 56 €

    56 €

    Reference: dar-loula
  • Reference:oliviers

    This Marrakech Riad in Morocco, Africa is in the entrance of the Medina near th famous square of Jamaa Lfna. It...

    Desde 38 €

    38 €

    Reference: oliviers
  • Reference:jema02

    This lovely hotel in Marrakech, Morocco is a luxurious home located only a few kilometers from the center of the...

    Desde 47 €

    47 €

    Reference: jema02
  • Reference:atma01

    This stunning morrocan holiday accommodation is situated in a tranquil zone of Marrakech, with a gorgeous swimming...

    Desde 59 €

    59 €

    Reference: atma01
  • Reference:dar-naima

    This fabulous riad invites you to spend some unforgettable days in Marrakech in the heart of the Medina. To visit...

    Desde 65 €

    65 €

    Reference: dar-naima
  • Reference:mrma06

    Kasbah Al Mendili Resort & SPA is a recently constructed hotel in Marrakesh, Morocco that is decorated in an ancient...

    Desde 219 €

    219 €

    Reference: mrma06
  • Reference:casalalla

    Recently restored Riad Casa Lalla conserves it´s natural and very authentic style.It´s location is...

    Desde 68 €

    68 €

    Reference: casalalla
  • Reference:joma36

    This comfortable and stylish riad accommodation is located right in the heart of the Marrakech Medina, yet still...

    Desde 53 €

    53 €

    Reference: joma36

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